Oman Human Resource Vision 2018

Sultanate of Oman
15 February 2018

Human Resources dedicates to support the mission of the company by expanding and improving experiences that prepare employees to thrive in a diverse environment.

We are committed to promoting diversity by increasing awareness of and valuing the differences among prospective and current members.

As the Gulf region continues to grow and businesses expand, we are seeing huge competition for new talent and a focus on improvement of individuals, which in turn is putting a spot light on HR departments. Looking globally, the best HR practices are those that develop talent, growth and innovation. Increasingly, therefore, the emphasis is on executing talent, whether it is candidate sourcing, assessment or training, necessary for achieving organizational acceleration and business goals.

The impact of mega events on human resources, particularly the World Expo 2020 and FIFA World Cup 2022, will further accelerate demand for a more professional approach to people strategies and policies.

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Our Speakers


Mr. Qais Al Khonji

Sultanate of Oman


Mr. Paul Michael Gledhill

United Arab Emirates


Mr. Muhammad Al Saadi

Sultanate of Oman


Dr. Andre Vermeulen

South Africa


Ms. Nabila Chaabani



Ms. Yasmine El Baz


Strategic Partner

Strategic Partner Strategic Partner